My Personality

Most personality tests are bullshit. Even the Big-5 are a bit overhyped. Take it from the experts:

"Personality scales tend to show longterm retest correlations from .30 to .80 over intervals of up to 30 years." [1]

".30 to .80" sounds good until you remember that even the upper limit means the first test score explains only about 64% of the variance in later test scores. At the median retest correlation of .57, almost 70% of your personality is explained by something other than your continuity of existence. Granted, these numbers are great by the standards of psychology, but they're rather dismal for any substantive field.

As for the rest: Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and RIASEC... it's total nonsense. It's still fun — maybe even useful as a vague suggestion of behavioral flavor frozen in time — but ultimately such hogwash that it raises the question, "why take the time to publish this?"

The Big 5+1

aka: "OCEAN", "HEXACO"


ENTJ-A (Commander)


Holland Types

aka: "RIASEC"