• When appropriate, a goal will have (baseline|stretch goal) next to it.
  • ✅: baseline
  • ✅ ✅: stretch
  • ❌: neither


  1. 🛑 No more scrolling (YouTube, Reddit, Porn, etc.): ✅
    • Quitting social media cold-turkey is one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I still get high quality content, but now I use an RSS reader (Inoreader) to curate my own feed. Nothing but the good stuff. How could I ever have done things differently?
    • Also, PSA: announcing publicly that you're quitting porn is a great way to actually stick through to it. Nobody wants to admit to people on the internet that they failed a goal like that.
  2. 🚪 Screen time (12|9h per day): 10h6m ✅
    • Phone (2|1h): 54m ✅
    • Computer (10|8h): 9h48m ✅
    • I have to be careful here because I notice that over the course of the month, I've been spending more and more time behind the computer. My body and mind feel it.
  3. Self-monitoring: ✅
    • This was mostly a month to get used to tracking my time with Toggl. The data isn't very consistent nor standardized, and my objective for the next month is to kick up a notch with more rigorous entries for different kinds of actions/contexts/subjects.
  4. 📚 Books (1 book per week): 2b ❌
  5. 🗃 PKM PKM:
    • ✅ New website. It's still in the works, but this will make it substantially easier for me to publish frequently using a new plugin I wrote. Now, I just have to click two buttons for my notes to be published directly online. Much cleaner.
  6. ✍️ Writing: ✅
  7. 🗣 Languages (1000|2000 cards per month): 800 ❌ (200 cards behind).
    • Current priority is Portuguese as I'm moving to Brazil in two weeks for two months. German and Mandarin can wait.
  8. 🏃 Moving
    • Rings (85|95% of the time): 100% ✅ ✅
    1. Steps (7.5k|10k):2k ❌
    • Skills: I've delayed getting this started until this month.
  9. 🍽 Fasting (1x36h per month): 36h fast ✅ I participated in "2 Areas/Vavilov Day". My stretch goals (four three-day fasts and one five-day fast can wait)
  10. 🌏 Diet: ✅
    • Meat (8x|4x 🍗; 1x per month | per two months 🥩🥓...): 7x🍗 ✅
      • I still feel that I'm eating too much meat, and might increase the stakes for this goal
    • Alcohol (8x|4x 🍷): 6x ✅
  11. 👓 Myopia: (+.25|+0.5 diopters) ✅ 0. This is the one that most surprised me. In the course of just a month, I've already met my nearsightedness goals for the entire year. And I've exceeded (half of) my stretch goal(s): I managed to improve eyesight in my right eye by 0.75 diopters! (-4.75 to -4.00.) My left eye has seen a more moderate25 diopter improvement. I credit it to the advice of the 0 Inbox/End Myopia community and a nifty solution I hacked together with a clothespin to decrease the effective strength of my differentials. (See below.)
  12. 👥 Relationships:
    • These are harder to quantify, so I'm just going to mark them as qualitative successes
    • Mentorship. ✅ (80,000 Hours career-coaching)
    • Community. ✅ (Open Principles Fellowship)
      • In one of the many rationalist community discords, I stumbled across an invitation for the 2 Areas/3 Notes/3 Sciences/0 Mathematics/Reasoning/Open Principles Fellowship, an initiative to get rationalists together to crowdsource lasting life principles. That seemed like a great starting point for meeting interesting people and having important discussions, so I signed right up. It's just started, and I'll share a reflection on the entire process when it's done.
  13. 💰 Money:
    • The bank account is continuing to empty, but in terms of physical independence, I'll be spending two months with my partner in Brazil soon. In terms of financial independence, fundraising is moving along.


(More distance to your lens decreases their effective strength.)