• When appropriate, a goal will have (baseline|stretch goal) next to it.
  • ✅: baseline
  • ✅ ✅: stretch
  • ❌: neither


  1. 🛑 No more scrolling (YouTube, Reddit, Porn, etc.): ✅
    • I've had one or two lapses this month — not quite scrolling, but more like following a video vortex. Curating my own feed via Inoreader isn't quite the saving grace I imagined it to be. It still ends up quickly saturating with way too much info and there's plenty of low quality content that slips through the cracks.
  2. 🚪 Screen time (12|9h per day): 10h5m ✅ (=)
    • Phone (2|1h): 82m ✅ (+28m)
    • Computer (12|10h): 9h48m ✅ (-8m)
    • I've increased my allowed computer time goal by two hours because I have to accept that working on the computer is my job.
  3. Self-monitoring: ✅
    • I've started tracking my workday in much more detail and may start releasing more precise time for each subarea.
  4. 📚 Books (1 book per week): 4b ✅
  5. 🗃 PKM: Nothing to say here for this month, except that I'm working on a set of "starting vaults" for LessWrong and 80,000 hours. Stay tuned.
  6. ✍️ Writing: ✅
    • Articles (1 article every 2 months | every month): ✅ I've been writing, but I haven't been publishing -> in waiting for further improvements to my site.
    • Reflections (1 reflection per month | and a newsletter): ✅ You're reading it.
  7. 🗣 Languages (1000|2000 cards per month): 644 ❌ (-356) (506 cards behind).
    • While in Brazil, I'm actually spending less time making new cards (and more time talking with people). But I could be doing more. This is a chance to rededicate my efforts. Specifically to aim for 50 new cards per day. By the end of the month, I'll have about caught up.
  8. 🏃 Moving
    • Rings (85|95% of the time): 86% ✅
    1. Steps (5k|10k): 7.9k ✅
    • Skills: ❌ I told myself I would start doing this this month but I didn't. So my goal to get on track is to start tracking my handstand time at least once a week.
  9. 🍽 Fasting (1x36h per month): ❌ Skipped fasting this week (also haven't been intermittent fasting while in Brazil), so I'm going to squeeze in two fasts this coming month (and make one of them a three-day fast.
  10. 🌏 Diet: ✅
    • Meat (8x|4x 🍗; 1x per month | per two months 🥩🥓...): 8x🍗 ✅
    • Alcohol (8x|4x 🍷): 1x ✅✅
  11. 👓 Myopia: (-.25|-0.25 diopters) ❌
    • I should have been more skeptical last month. Much of the improvements I noted then have subsided. This could be evidence of biased measurements in the past and sampling error, or maybe it's that I've spent way too much time this month behind the computer. Either way, I need to double down and make sure I'm working at blur distance.
  12. 👥 Relationships:
    • Mentorship. ✅ (80,000 Hours career-coaching)
      • I've now finished The Precipice and am almost done with 80,000 hour's Career-Planning Process, so this month, I'm aiming to arrange my first coaching call.
      • I met with James Norris of Upgradable, which seemed like a promising fit, but probably won't work out. James is the kind of person whose opinion I'm likely to value too much. I already carry the weight of the world and don't want another set of expectations to carry. This reflects less on James than it does me. But it does help me clarify what I'm looking for in a mentor.
    • Community. ✅ (Open Principles Fellowship)
      • The Open Principles introduced me to several people I'll be staying in contact with, but it's already done, so my quest continues.
  13. 💰 Money:
    • No change.